The one time I failed to parasitize an established clinical researcher

Eating eggs is not as bad for you as smoking.

When will that paper be ready?

Finishing a paper always takes longer than you think.

Don’t use the passive voice?

There's a place for passive voice in properly crafted narratives.

Hiding journal names from your publication list stinks

You can't convince people of your cause by hiding your publication venues from them.

Formatting figure captions and tables

I provide the slides from a talk about how to format figure captions and tables.

The Google Scholar preprint bug redux

I don't expect Google Scholar to ever fix the preprint bug.

How to not mess up your bibliographies with Bibtex

Manual curation is the only reliable approach to reference management.

Avoiding the official style

A few simple writing rules make your prose much simpler and easier to understand.

Goodbye Squarespace, Hello Github

I have converted my blog into a static site hosted on Github.

Safety projects

Sometimes you need to go after low-risk projects that may not be that exciting but are guaranteed to work.