Recent Posts

How to write a blogdown post that will still render in a hundred years from now.

I’ve finally figured out how to perform a PCA using the tidyverse.

I have redesigned this site and moved it to a new location.

I am writing a book on data visualization.

My all-time favorite books on storytelling, copy editing, and writing productively.


Visual art created by mathematics and randomness

An open-source book on data visualization, entirely written in R Markdown.

Blog posts collected into book-like form.

Selected Talks

A talk covering select chapters from my book Fundamentals of Data Visualization. I discuss how to tell a story, how to prepare and …

The ggtext package provides various functions to add formatted text to ggplot2 figures, both in the form of plot or axis labels and in …

Uncertainty is a key component of statistical inference. However, uncertainty is not easy to convey effectively in data visualizations. …


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