Writing a blogdown post for the ages

How to write a blogdown post that will still render in a hundred years from now.

PCA tidyverse style

I've finally figured out how to perform a PCA using the tidyverse.

New site design

I have redesigned this site and moved it to a new location.

Fundamentals of Data Visualization

I am writing a book on data visualization.

Move over Strunk and White

My all-time favorite books on storytelling, copy editing, and writing productively.

Springer's abusive licensing demands

Springer wants to own the copyright to your research methods.

Goodbye joyplots

It's time to find a better name for the plots formerly known as "joyplots."

Do you have to publish papers to obtain a PhD?

Universities cannot reasonably expect published papers as a requirement for graduation.

How to reject a rejection

Just because a paper has been rejected doesn't mean the journal won't publish it.

Reading and combining many tidy data files in R

We commonly need to read many separate data files and combine them into one data frame. Here I show how this can be done with the tidyverse.